50kg kitchen waste disposer

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Model: HB-50

Daily garbage disposal capacity: 50-52Kg

Degradation rate: greater than 90%

Applicable power supply: 380V/50Hz/3P

Maximum power: 5.8KW

Comprehensive energy consumption (h): 3.5KW

Noise Level: 65db

Sorting inorganic garbage (plastic net bags, foam packaging, plastic bags, etc.), crushing device, oil-water separation

Disposal: vegetable leaves, stems, melon skins, fruit chips and other fiber wastes in the green market

Product description

Honbase’s environmental friendly biological kitchen waste machine is designed and manufactured by the complete aerobic decomposition process of microorganisms, which is suitable for on-site treatment of kitchen waste in restaurants and households. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, no pollution, no peculiar smell, and low operating cost.

After putting microbial agents and auxiliary materials in the kitchen waste machine at one time, continue to add kitchen waste every day, and it can run effectively for more than 3-6 months. There is no need to go out to dump the kitchen waste. Solve the problem of food waste collection and centralized processing from the beginning.


When the new machine is used for the first time, the organic waste can only be put in after 6 hours of operation; Under normal circumstances, the maximum input amount per day is 50kg. If exceeds, it can be put in batches but not exceeding 50kg each time; Please try to remove the moisture of the trash before putting it in the bucket, which will increase processing efficiency;


1. Way of putting kitchen waste:

Boiled garbage: Please drain the water before throwing it in. Don't throw more than 50 kg at a time.

Fresh garbage: Please chop up fibrous fresh garbage before putting it, especially watermelon skin, fruit skin, cabbage leaves, vegetables and etc. For fish viscera with more salt, please wash with water before putting it in. Please remove the moisture before putting in if the fresh garbage with more moisture.

2. Substances that cannot be put in:

Do not put in substances that are relatively hard, difficult to decompose or will interfere with mixing. Such as beef bones, pig bones, cigarettes, shellfish, medicines, chopsticks, toothpicks, plastic bags, plastic, metal, paper, cloth, glass, etc.


1. High efficiency, the decomposition and reduction effect of kitchen waste can reach more than 950%;

2. Low energy consumption (50kg environmentally friendly kitchen waste machine consumes 12 kWh per hour);

3. Low operating cost. After the fermentation process digestion agent is put in, it can ensure continuous and effective operation for 3 months, and there is no need to supplement the fermentation process digestion agent in the middle;

4. Low emission, no pollution to the air, no odorous gas emissions during the entire treatment process, the gas emission during the treatment process is a mixture of carbon dioxide and water vapor;

50. The self-isolated strain with high enzyme activity can completely decompose the main organic components (protein, starch, fat, etc.) contained in kitchen waste.


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